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Q: What to do if my boot speed is getting lower?

With the use of the operating system and the installation & update of various applications, many temp files and unnecessary startup items appear, which may slow down boot speed.

One reason for this can be too many unnecessary startup applications.

Many applications like chatting tools or players are not necessary to start up when booting, you can just open them when you need to use them. The more startup items in your computer, the slower the boot speed will be.

Solution: To disable unnecessary startup items is an effective way to improve boot speed. You can use PC boost feature to optimize computer system, reduce startup items and release unnecessary burden for your computer.

Another reason can be too many junk files.

Junk files may generate when you browse web pages, use chat tools or update applications. If not cleaned for a long time, they will slow down computer speed.

Solution: Use junk clean feature to clean junk files properly.